GOOD CAUSES: How you can fundraise from these events


In 2021, Legacy 300 are staging Cycling, Rafting, Rowing, Rugby, Cricket, Football and Netball corporate charity days hosted by national and local sports stars. These are being staged for good causes (including yours) to fundraise from the wider community in your city especially from the business sector.



Legacy 300 is an athlete led purpose movement which since 2012 has raised over £505K in direct donations to good causes

through the staging of experience days, hosted by GB Olympic Gold Medallists.

The project's journey is detailed on and the photo albums of .

References from the good causes that have benefited from this project see are also available.


In the first eight years of selling and delivering Legacy 300 events, good causes have received £505,250 in direct donations from participants on limited edition individual and team challenge Athlete Experiences. Visit the Facebook page for all the public events we have delivered.



Corporate Squads:
• The chance for businesses across your city/region to support your good cause.


Random Squads:
• You can sell as many places as you like to individuals who will be placed together in these squads.

For all experiences:

  • You simply choose which of the experience days you wish to fundraise with, copy and paste the supplied information to then promote to and encourage your wider community to support you.

  • This can either be by letters / emails to corporates or by your social media pages.

  • Legacy 300 require a fixed price per person to deliver the event “Entry Fee” download the brochure for examples

  • There is no initial outlay required. You only forward entry fees to us once you have received them from participants. Everything received above our entry fee goes to you the good cause.

  • Any higher amount received as a donation you obviously keep.

  • Simply provide us the contact details and we deliver the experience for them on the scheduled date.

  • The entry fee enables Legacy 300 to deliver the event. There are no extra costs involved.



  • If desired by the good cause, the corporate / individual enters directly with us, and uses the event to fundraise with the donations etc directly to you (many good causes have said this helps their end of year totals).

  • This will be an opportunity for your supporters to gain a competitive edge through the Sporting Rewards project.


Following true to the modern idiom that money buys success, we will be rewarding those participants who fundraise for their chosen good cause with sporting rewards.

There are two opportunities to get these rewards for every event you enter as a corporate or as an individual.

1) Buy Now Auction of UK wide sporting experiences and memorabilia

  • Using this method will see one bonus run/goal/try per match or time bonuses for every £100 raised this way for your chosen good cause.

  • We have sourced a supply of sporting experiences, memorabilia and VIP Lifestyle Experiences for you to generate funds for your good cause from.

  • See as an example.

  • OSC will create the page for your company to promote but payments must go directly to your charity team for maximum integrity.

  • There is no cost, risk just an obligation to promote and it has since 2021 raised over £505K for good causes

Each auction item sold can also be utilised to reduce to FREE the entry fee to your event. Click for details


2) Just Giving type page for direct donations to your chosen good cause

  • Will see one bonus run/goal/try per match or time bonuses for every £250 raised this way for your chosen good cause.

  • Once you let us know who you are fundraising for, we can even set up the page for you as all money goes directly to your chosen good cause.

  • If preferred, each squad member can use this option to fundraise for their own chosen good cause – the sporting rewards gained will not be affected.


  • The rest of the brochure includes details of the Olympic sporting experiences that have raised over £505K for good causes. Once again just cut and paste with your contact details.

  • Great ways to engage corporates and individuals in your community, without risk or cost.



  • Your city events page contains links to your local social media pages, videos etc.

  • Our unit also has templated letters and posters you can download or ask for by email

  • If any queries from prospective purchasers, just include us in the email and we can answer.

The details of the experiences to cut and paste can be downloaded from below and we look forward to hearing from you and to answer any queries you might have on 07866 316 228 or​ .